Thursday, November 27, 2014

Join our Beta testing program!

PhotoMath Bug

Over the last month, our users from all over the world have been using PhotoMath iOS and Windows Phone apps to scan and solve tens of millions of math problems. For them, and for everyone else just starting out with PhotoMath, our amazing team has been working tirelessly to provide even more useful features in our upcoming app updates.

At this point we are primarily working on our yet-to-be-released Android version. Apart from supporting a totally new platform, we are also rolling out support for new types of math problems! Both top the list of the most wanted features we have seen in your valuable feedback. :)

As our team works on these updates, there's one thing you can do to help us...

Become our official Beta tester!

As a Beta tester, you'll receive our latest updates while helping us make PhotoMath better and more stable. You’ll get to test-drive our newest features, like support for new math problems. Of course, it will also allow you try the latest Android Beta version of PhotoMath. :)

PhotoMath Icon
Your every-day usage will help improve PhotoMath by giving us real-world testing data. As Beta testers you will become our elite users who’s responsibility will be to report all the issues with recognition of math expressions, step-by-step solving or general problems through our simple in-app feedback dialog.

Since the Android ecosystem is so diverse, it’s important for PhotoMath team to get your feedback in order to squash various device-specific bugs and make PhotoMath a great experience for everyone.

With your help, we will not just develop a smooth and bug-free PhotoMath, but also get the direction to go with our new features.

To apply for the Beta testing program, follow the instructions on

Thank you for participating! :)